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We are committed to being as open and transparent as possible about our donors and how the money we raise is spent. We will use digital and direct mail marketing to expand our donor base, and then use those funds to engage, inform, and influence the voters of Texas.

We are an independent expenditure-only political committee, also known as a Super PAC. By law, we are not allowed to accept “dark money” contributions. We must disclose every donor who contributes to our committee.

As a Super PAC, we can raise unlimited funds from those who wish to contribute to our committee. Our team will use every tool that is legally available to us to take the fight to Ted.

You can review our filings with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) by clicking here.

Give Them The Boot PAC is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate’s committee. We are also not affiliated with the Democratic National Committee, the Texas Democratic Party or any other associated organization.