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The Plan


Ted Cruz and his allies relentlessly attack the truth in order for him to maintain power. His campaign is well funded by shady individuals and special interests, and Ted has sold his soul to do their bidding.

We are going to execute a two-tiered approach to Give Ted Cruz The Boot.

  1. We are building a national network of grassroots supporters to fund our efforts in Texas
  2. We are going to expose Ted’s lies to Texas voters through highly-targeted advertising

Our messaging will focus on Ted’s disastrous policies and how they impact everyday Texans. So when he stands in the way of Joe Biden’s agenda to help working-class Americans and those devastated by the pandemic (which Ted helped exacerbate), we’ll be there to let Texans know what he stole from them.

When he stands in the way of meaningful legislation to improve the Affordable Care Act and protect health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Texans, we’ll be there.

And through highly-targeted digital ads, we will tailor those messages to be sure that they connect with their audience.

We know it will cost money, a lot of money, to win the hearts and minds of Texas voters. Our focus will be on one-to-one messaging to increase our impact and stretch the money you contribute to its maximum potential. We can do this, but we’re going to need your help!