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Our Mission

It’s simple. We are going to kick Ted Cruz out of office.

Let’s face it – he’s a despicable human being. His actions have proven that he has neither the judgement, nor the decency to serve the people of Texas any longer. Ted’s willingness to embolden those who engaged in an assault on our Capitol is the final straw.

We’re a grassroots-funded organization run by Democrats that is solely dedicated to helping Texas voters understand just how awful Ted really is. We’re not supporting any other candidate. We just believe that this egotistical, grandstanding blowhard needs to be removed from public office once and for all.

With your help, we are building a movement funded by regular people capable of sending him packing.

Our plan is two-fold: We will raise money from Americans who are tired of Ted’s harmful rhetoric, and want to re-establish decency in our government. Then, we will use the power of targeted digital ads and direct marketing to erode Ted's support with Texas voters.

Every dollar we raise will be spent directly to this end. We wish Ted luck. He’s gonna need it.